Every workspace needs a collection of high-quality drilling equipment and accessories, as they are an essential piece of most projects. Our drilling equipment and accessories range include a wide array of must-have products for your workspace or business.

The right collection of cutting tool innovation can speed up metalworking, provide precise cuts and improve productivity. We have a collection of drill bits, adapters and spares, for all manner of jobs you need to complete. No matter the project, our collection of drilling equipment and accessories can help.

Our premium collection of cutting and drilling products is supplied by a high-quality brand that focuses on quality, innovation and efficiency. The right tool can speed up work in the metalwork and fabrication industries, which will speed up productivity and output.

All our drilling equipment and accessories will help make your job easier, as they offer precision cuts and variety, thanks to the number of adapters we stock. You can browse through our collection of drilling equipment and accessories today and see which products suit your specific needs. We are more than happy to help if you require further guidance or advice about the equipment you need for your project. You can contact our team at AIP Welding, and we will happily answer your questions.

HoleMaker Technology is the home of HMT Cutting Tools. An industry leading range of innovative cutting tools for fabricators and metalworkers.
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When It’s Gone, It’s Gone!

With a combination of end of line items and one off sale items be sure not to miss out on our offers, when they're gone, they're gone!

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