We are an Optrel distributor who In 1986  were a pioneer in the field of automatically darkening welding helmets. Today they are a leading global supplier of face and head protection products, breathing protection solutions and active sunglasses.

Every year they deliver well over one hundred thousand occupational safety products. And they are not a mass producer. Almost every product is unique. Tailored to the needs of the customer.

They are still shaped by the special culture of a family business. Strong values and sustainable action make us a reliable partner. The continuous pursuit of perfection and the combination of the latest technologies and materials with the most modern production processes are reflected in every optrel product and guarantee our customers, in addition to the highest level of safety, incomparable wearing comfort and a unique design.

Optrel Front Cover Lens
Product Code: AIP1096


Optrel Inside Cover Lens
Product Code: AIP1097


£1,134.00 inc. Tax

£462.00 inc. Tax

Panoramaxx CLT PAPR
Product Code: AIP1065

£690.00 inc. Tax

Panoramaxx CLT Welding Helmet
Product Code: AIP1094

£586.80 inc. Tax

£1,020.00 inc. Tax

£1,380.00 inc. Tax

£1,410.00 inc. Tax

£582.00 inc. Tax

Panoramaxx Quattro Welding Helmet
Product Code: AIP1067

£550.80 inc. Tax

£600.00 inc. Tax

£550.80 inc. Tax

£168.00 inc. Tax

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