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TIG welding has become one of the most popular methods over the years because of its ability to get different shapes and designs with very few flaws.

Both of these factors make TIG welding extremely cost-effective. TIG welding and MIG welding are two distinct welding processes that are most commonly used to create welds in different situations.

Both TIG welding and MIG welding use similar types of equipment, but use gases in different ways. TIG welding uses inert gases to shield the weld from extreme heat, whereas MIG welding typically uses gas to purge the weld area.

MIG welding tends to result in a stronger weld, but the process requires a larger welding torch. MIG welding is also more difficult to learn than TIG welding.

The TIG process has proved itself in practice time and time again, with many businesses using it to replace other welding processes. Although the exact process varies, TIG welding generally involves placing a metal piece to be welded in place and creating a pool of the weld metal with a tungsten rod and a gas shield.

Once the metal piece is in place, the welder begins to apply heat to the metal, initiating the welding process. The process continues until the weld is completed.

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