Ambersil are a market leading chemical manufacture with one of it's factories being on the doorstep of AIP. We have a large range of Ambersil products in our showroom suitable for the metalworking and welding sector including a variety of anti-spatter, metal finishing products such as galvanise sprays and drilling compounds. Being an Ambersil distributor allows us to become a one stop shop for many of our customers. 

£3.60 inc. Tax

Ambersil 40+ Spray
Product Code: AIP1144

£5.52 inc. Tax

£4.56 inc. Tax

£11.04 inc. Tax

Ambersil Chain Spray
Product Code: AIP1146

£13.20 inc. Tax

Ambersil Cold Galvanise Spray
Product Code: AIP1149

£11.04 inc. Tax

£8.52 inc. Tax

£10.92 inc. Tax

£11.04 inc. Tax

Ambersil Galva Shine
Product Code: AIP1152

£9.48 inc. Tax

Ambersil Marker Pens
Product Code: AIP1153

£4.32 inc. Tax

Ambersil Penetrating Oil
Product Code: AIP1148

£7.80 inc. Tax

£9.24 inc. Tax

Ambersil Rust Flash
Product Code: AIP1147

£7.20 inc. Tax

Ambersil Tough Wipes
Product Code: AIP1143

£24.00 inc. Tax

Ambersil Tufcut Compound
Product Code: AIP1159

£13.20 inc. Tax

Ambersil Tufcut Liquid
Product Code: AIP1158

£16.44 inc. Tax

Ambersil Tufcut Spray
Product Code: AIP1157

£15.00 inc. Tax

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