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The CROS-ARC brand offers an excellent range of machines  designed and produced to the highest international standards. All CROS-ARC machines incorporate the very latest in technology and control systems resulting in an exceptional range of welding and cutting power sources with premium performance and control as standard.

£1,320.00 inc. Tax

CROS-ARC 171C MIG Inverter
Product Code: CAP0251

£492.00 inc. Tax

£672.00 inc. Tax

CROS-ARC 201C MIG/MMA Inverter
Product Code: AIP381

£772.80 £834.00 inc. Tax

CROS-ARC 291C MIG / MMA Inverter
Product Code: AIP380

£909.60 £948.00 inc. Tax

CROS-ARC 403S MIG Inverter
Product Code: CAP0070

£2,328.00 inc. Tax

CROS-ARC 40NHF Plasma Cutter
Product Code: AIP362

£540.00 inc. Tax

CROS-ARC 423C MIG Inverter
Product Code: CAP0268

£1,552.80 inc. Tax

Product Code: CAP0281

£592.80 inc. Tax

CROS-ARC MMA 160 Dual Voltage
Product Code: CAP0256

£210.00 inc. Tax

Titan 160 MF
Product Code: AIP1375

£450.00 inc. Tax

400 Elite DC HF TIG Welder
Product Code: AIP625

£2,580.00 inc. Tax

Product Code: AIP626

£900.00 inc. Tax

CROS-ARC 40D Elite Plasma Cutter
Product Code: AIP621

£1,152.00 inc. Tax

CROS-ARC 60 Elite Plasma Cutter
Product Code: AIP622

£1,440.00 inc. Tax

315W Elite AC/DC HF TIG Welder
Product Code: AIP628


CROS-ARC 100 Elite Plasma Cutter
Product Code: AIP623

£2,604.00 inc. Tax

£852.00 £900.00 inc. Tax

£736.80 inc. Tax

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