PPE / Safety Equipment

Our PPE / Safety Equipment collection has been designed to keep you safe at all times whilst welding. Collated from some of the highest quality brands in the industry, we ensure you have everything you need all in one place. To ensure we cover all angles, our teams keep on top of current legislation and legal requirements. This allows us to ensure the items offered here today meet all specifications and keep you protected from injury throughout the most complex projects.

Browse our range of safety equipment here today. You'll find everything from Clothing and Gloves, including Aprons, Sleeves, Jackets and Overalls. For Head and Eye Protection, our sturdy range of Safety Goggles includes everything from vented and direct impact designs through to shaded options too. You'll find Hearing Protection here too, with options including Lens Covers from various brands. We also stock a range of Safety Footwear with styles from Wellington Boots through to Rubber Fireman Boots and Slip-On Shoes. And our extensive collection of Helmets allow you to focus on achieving the highest quality results on every job.

AIP Welding has many years experience in professional welding. This gives us the knowledge needed to bring together the hardest working and most reliable tools. If you have any questions about our collection of PPE and Safety Equipment, get in contact today. We'll help you find the right item and ensure it fits your budget exactly.

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