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We are based in Somerset and our aim is second to none customer service and to keep our welders welding! Everything needed for the job, whether you require an extra stand-alone machine or a replacement while yours is down an out for repair…

Weather your on-site and need a full package set up including welder, mask, consumables, safety equipment, abrasives…..Renting is ideal if you are a contractor in the medium to heavy welding and fabrication sectors. Maybe it’s a short-term contract and you do not wish to commit to the full capital outlay. It also allows you to try new machines or welding processes before you commit to buying, so if you’ve never tried aluminium TIG welding but feel you wish to venture into that type of process renting could give you the answers you need.

  • We have everything that is needed to help assist you.
  • Machines Available to hire:
  • MIG Welding: Single/Three phase/Dual voltage.
  • TIG Welding: Single/Three phase/Dual voltage.
  • Multiprocessor: Single phase/Dual voltage.
  • Plasma Cutting: Single/Three phase, built in compressor.
  • Compressors: portable, static, single/Three phase.
  • Safety equipment: Masks, screens, gloves, leather clothing.

Why Rent?

  • Project flexibility: Have a temporary or seasonal project? Renting allows you to accommodate for this in the most cost-effective way.
  • Control your expenses: Renting allows significant savings over purchasing, so you can improve your bottom line.
  • Modern Equipment: Rental agreements allow businesses to obtain the best possible equipment, at a fraction of its purchase cost.
  • Preserve capital: Renting frees up capital which can be used for other, potentially more profitable ventures.
  • Repair and Maintenance: With expensive equipment, repair and maintenance costs can be expensive. When renting through us, our qualified engineers repair all breakdowns in house.
  • Scalable: Rental agreements allow businesses to react to spikes in demand quickly and effectively.
  • Servicing: All our rental equipment is regularly serviced and maintained; this reduces the risk of any breakdowns and down time for your business.

Hire to Buy Scheme:

If you feel the machine you have on rent is for you and decide to purchase the equipment within 4 weeks of the end of the rental period, we will discount the rental costs of that machine up to 30 calendar days off the purchase price.

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