We are a premium distributor of Parweld products. Parweld has design and manufacturing facilities in the UK and China, they have a wealth of experience and skills that allow them to design, manufacture and source welding related products. Their dual centre approach provides the "best of both worlds", with short lead times, the ability to produce completely bespoke products, excellent transport links and warehousing. This enables them to easily adapt to their customer's demands while maintaining complete control over the quality and consistency of their products.

Dual manufacturing sites offers highly skilled production and can quickly produce bespoke torches whatever your requirements may be. Whether you need 1 or 1000 torches, the Parweld Team has the flexibility, knowledge and technology to meet your needs.

104 x 96mm Inner Lens Pk.10
Product Code: AIP346

£10.80 inc. Tax

£30.00 inc. Tax

£24.00 inc. Tax

Panther Leather Welders Jacket
Product Code: AIP351

£45.30 inc. Tax

1. Torch Body - Rigid
Product Code: AIP182

£8.40 inc. Tax

Product Code: AIP181

£15.54 inc. Tax

1500A Heavy Duty Earth Clamp
Product Code: AIP388

£264.00 inc. Tax

Grippy Gloves
Product Code: AIP1283

£1.02 inc. Tax

£18.00 inc. Tax

Parweld XR950A PAPR System
Product Code: AIP972

£624.00 inc. Tax

£528.00 inc. Tax

XTM 161I MIG Inverter
Product Code: AIP993

£708.00 inc. Tax

XTM 201I Mig Inverter
Product Code: AIP995

£846.00 inc. Tax

£1,110.18 inc. Tax

XTP 63 Inverter Plasma Cutter
Product Code: AIP985

£1,218.00 inc. Tax

XTS 163 MMA Inverter
Product Code: AIP975

£216.00 inc. Tax

XTS 163DV MMA Inverter
Product Code: AIP976

£300.00 inc. Tax

XTT 182 DV DC Tig Inverter
Product Code: AIP987

£546.00 inc. Tax

£1,170.00 inc. Tax

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