We are a distributor of Holemaker Technology who is a specialist manufacturer of cutting and drilling products. They believe in cutting tool innovation to speed up metalworking.

They believe that Construction creates, connects, and improves the world we live in. Creating & maintaining steel structures and components needs specialist skills and tooling.

Portable Cutting & Drilling tools is their specialist area, where you have to take the tools to the job to create and modify the connection holes which hold our world together.

A relentless focus on product innovation and improvement provides the metalwork and fabrication industries with a new and unique range of tooling to speed up any task that involves working with connection holes.

£48.66 inc. Tax

£39.60 inc. Tax

£34.08 inc. Tax

Heavy Duty Impact Wrench Adapter
Product Code: AIP1179

£88.68 inc. Tax

Morse Taper Arbor Adapter
Product Code: AIP454

£101.94 inc. Tax

Rapid-Lock Weldon Adapter
Product Code: AIP453

£59.04 inc. Tax

SDS+ Adapter
Product Code: AIP456

£45.00 inc. Tax

£14.70 inc. Tax

Grub Screws pk10
Product Code: AIP1186

£4.44 inc. Tax

£2,005.20 inc. Tax

HMT VersaDrive V125T Magnet Drill
Product Code: AIP1142

£2,433.54 inc. Tax

HMT VersaDrive V35 Magnet Drill
Product Code: AIP462

£634.62 inc. Tax

HMT VersaDrive V60T Magnet Drill
Product Code: AIP461

£1,621.02 inc. Tax

HMT VersaDrive V85T Magnet Drill
Product Code: AIP458

£1,815.72 inc. Tax

ImpactaStep Cutters - Inch
Product Code: AIP1139

£78.48 inc. Tax

ImpactaStep Cutters - Metric
Product Code: AIP1140

£78.48 inc. Tax

Step Drill Bits
Product Code: AIP438

£46.50 inc. Tax

£48.30 inc. Tax

£139.08 inc. Tax

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