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We are a MOSA distributor who for over 50 years has been supplying the market with reliable high performance products. Expertise and innovation rank MOSA as a global benchmark in the production of machines that accommodate the needs of the electricity production and welding sectors: generating sets, engine driven welder and lighting towers.

This exclusive know-how has led to the creation of solutions designed and built according to strict quality criteria that have earmarked the success of MOSA amidst the most demanding end users.

MOSA is part of the industrial division of the BCS Group, a leading multinational in the agricultural machinery and garden machinery sector. 

The BCS Group relies on three manufacturing plants in Italy which are ISO 9001 certified, and it boasts distributors and sales branches in all continents.

£718.80 £1,194.00 inc. Tax

MOSA GE6900 AVR Petrol Generator 230V
Product Code: 35.CR100011

£958.80 £1,234.80 inc. Tax

Mosa GE 10 YSXC
Product Code: AIP1302

£10,022.40 inc. Tax

Mosa GE 15 YSX
Product Code: AIP1302

£12,970.80 inc. Tax

MOSA GE 20 YSXC - Diesel
Product Code: AIP1286

£12,574.80 inc. Tax

Mosa GE 8 YSXC
Product Code: AIP1301

£10,800.00 inc. Tax

Mosa GE 8000 HBT - Petrol
Product Code: AIP1285

£3,067.20 inc. Tax

Mosa GE S-6500 YDT - Diesel
Product Code: AIP1284

£4,536.00 inc. Tax

MOSA Magic Weld
Product Code: AIP1230

£2,847.60 inc. Tax

MOSA Magic Weld 200
Product Code: AIP1250

£3,612.00 inc. Tax

Mosa Magic Weld 200 YDE
Product Code: AIP1251

£5,350.80 inc. Tax

Mosa TS 200 DES/EL
Product Code: AIP1252

£5,367.60 inc. Tax

Mosa TS200 BS/CF
Product Code: AIP1255

£4,141.20 inc. Tax

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