We are a distributor of Flex who offers a range of power tools from battery tools with 10.8 and 18 volts to mains machines and matching accessories, from light to heavy duty with the latest brushless technology – FLEX offers the right power tool for numerous applications. Power & performance, long running time and durability of the tools are a matter of course for them. 
LE 14-7 125mm INOX Angle Grinder
Product Code: AIP481

£309.60 inc. Tax

£708.00 inc. Tax

£730.80 inc. Tax

£334.80 inc. Tax

£526.80 inc. Tax

£837.60 inc. Tax

£1,182.00 inc. Tax

BSE 14-3 125 INOX Set
Product Code: AIP489

£1,434.00 inc. Tax

FBE 8-4 140 Belt File
Product Code: AIP490

£586.80 inc. Tax

LBR 1506 VRA Weld & Pipe Sander
Product Code: AIP491

£862.80 inc. Tax

L 1506 VR 125mm 1200W Grinder
Product Code: AIP493

£355.20 inc. Tax

L 1503 VR Polisher
Product Code: AIP494

£418.80 inc. Tax

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