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At AIP we are a premium Bohler distributor with access to their whole range of machines, Bohler wire and UTP maintenance wires. Bohler are the market leading manufacturer of wires and consumables with their products being involved in major construction and nuclear projects across the world. AIP works in partnership with Bohler to obtain specialist wires for procedure based work and weld tests for our educational and nuclear customers, helping improve their work one step at a time.  

Böhler Chipping Hammers
Product Code: 61950/1

£3.83 inc. Tax

Böhler Earth Clamps
Product Code: 61947/8/9

£3.83 inc. Tax

Böhler Big Vision
Product Code: BOH-73280

£28.20 inc. Tax

Bohler CO-BRO MIG Package
Product Code: AIP1631


Bohler CO-BRO TIG Package
Product Code: AIP1632


£344.23 inc. Tax

Bohler Evolution Vision 65F
Product Code: BOH-87127

£279.72 inc. Tax

Bohler Evolution Vision 65FM
Product Code: BOH-87130

£355.20 inc. Tax

£12.89 inc. Tax

£144.00 inc. Tax

£229.71 inc. Tax

£156.00 inc. Tax

£29.43 inc. Tax

Böhler Leather Welding Jacket
Product Code: 84776

£98.67 inc. Tax

£9.59 inc. Tax

Bohler Terra 180 TLH
Product Code: AIP1345

£1,632.00 inc. Tax

Bohler Terra 320 SMC
Product Code: AIP1341

£3,480.00 inc. Tax

Böhler TERRA NX 400 MSE MIG/MMA Inverter
Product Code: BOH-77.53.00951

£3,276.00 inc. Tax

£3,822.00 inc. Tax

Böhler TERRA NX 400 PME Pulsed MIG Inverter
Product Code: BOH-77.53.01302

£7,386.00 inc. Tax

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