We are a distributor of Weldfast products who now incorporate the homegrown CROS-ARC brand of machines, these impressive conventional machines are largely produced at their highly efficient on-site manufacturing plant.

The acquisition of MWA in 2017, now gives Weldfast UK the only remaining welding electrode manufacturer in the UK, offering their distributors a large

range of premium quality welding electrodes and filler wires direct from their manufacturing base in Cannock UK.

Weldfast UK LTD / MWA alongside Cebora of Italy are committed to presenting new and innovative products to all their customers, these latest

technology products will allow their distributors to benefit from the new and exciting opportunities that these produce

AIP Premium MIG Gloves
Product Code: AIP1129

£6.60 inc. Tax

AIP Premium TIG Gloves
Product Code: AIP1130

£9.60 inc. Tax

Al Si 12 'Aluminium' Electrodes
Product Code: AIP052


Al Si 5 'Aluminium' Electrodes
Product Code: AIP053


Caddy Style Trolley
Product Code: AIP017

£72.00 inc. Tax

Capstone 500 Safety Goggles
Product Code: AIP1269

£13.20 inc. Tax

CK Flexible Purge Chamber Kit
Product Code: AIP1235


Clear Safety Goggles
Product Code: AIP1273

£3.60 inc. Tax

Cut 5 Gloves
Product Code: AIP1132

£6.00 inc. Tax

Cutting Torch Headnut
Product Code: AIP050

£1.80 inc. Tax

E307L 'Stainless' Electrodes
Product Code: AIP067


E308L 'Stainless' Electrodes
Product Code: AIP068


E309L ' Stainless' Electrodes
Product Code: AIP069


E310L 'Stainless' Electrodes
Product Code: AIP071


E316L 'Stainless' Electrodes
Product Code: AIP073


E6010 'Cellulosic' Electrodes
Product Code: AIP060


E6013 'Mild Steel' Electrodes
Product Code: AIP061


E7018 'Low Hydrogen' Electrodes
Product Code: AIP064


E7024 'Iron Powder' Electrodes
Product Code: AIP066


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