180° NM Cutting Torches

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A popular design of gas cutting torches which are used with NM type nozzles.

It features 3/8' BSP inlets, Pressure Control Knobs and Cutting Oxygen Lever.


  • This product connects to oxygen and acetylene (or propane) hoses via 3/8” BSP fittings and uses these gases to cut metal with the aid of an appropriate nozzle. 
  • The mix of the oxygen and fuel gas is controlled via the two control knobs located at the inlets. 
  • Three gas channels lead from the mixing area (in the handle) to the head of the cutter. 
  • One channel carries the fuel gas, one carries the heating oxygen supply and the last carries the cutting oxygen supply. 
  • Cutting oxygen is released in bursts when required by the user. 
  • This is achieved by using the cutting oxygen control lever, located on the handle.
  • When not in use, this lever can be secured in place by way of a small fastener on the handle.

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