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The Market Leading PAPR Solution

The core element of the Optrel swiss air blower respiratory protection system is a ventilated half mask that completely covers the mouth and nose area and supplies them with purified air.

A breathing space is created in the mouth and nose area which, thanks to positive pressure, supports the user in breathing and eliminates tiring breathing resistance. The half-mask, made of high-tech fabric, is designed in such a way that it can be excellently adapted to the individual thanks to a freely adjustable headband. This concept eliminates the need for time-consuming fit tests that are common with conventional half masks.

The clean air comes via a Y-hose from a miniaturised blower system, which is comfortably carried by a carrying unit on the back. In this way, the user is permanently in a "positive pressure air system", which permanently protects his respiratory tract against contaminated air.

Package comes with: swiss air respiratory protection system complete with control panel, incl. comfort half mask: consisting of half mask and hose system incl. head and neck strap, blower unit, shoulder harness and charger.

Helmet Specs
Airflow Rate Level 1: 100l/min Level 2: 115 l/min Level 3: 130l/min
Filter Efficiency 99.8%
Weight 1200g
Weight (Blower Unit+Battery) 550g
Machine Technical Specifications
Noise Levels (dBa) 70

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