Safety Footwear

Our range of safety equipment is designed to add another layer of safety while you are welding. We have collected some of the highest quality brands in the industry to ensure that the safety footwear you have is high-quality, reliable and sturdy.

The safety of your welders is important, as there are many risks involved while welding. Safety footwear is essential when welding, as it will help minimise the chance of injury from falling objects and means you can avoid the chances of receiving a harmful puncture wound. Wearing safety footwear will help protect welders from possible hazards associated with feet, such as falling objects, or metals, as welding requires you to work with different materials.

Our range of safety footwear includes a wide array of footwear, including wellington boots, insulated rubber fireman boots, leather boots, lined rigger boots, welted boots and even leather firefighter boots, to name a few.

Many of the safety boots in our collection are water-resistant, but all are durable, affordable, hardwearing and made from high-quality material.

AIP Welding has many years of experience in professional welding, which gives our team the knowledge we need to provide you with durable, reliable and high-quality tools. If you have any questions about our collection of safety footwear, you can contact a member of our team today. We will help you find the right safety equipment that suits your needs and fits in with your budget.

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