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When you are welding, you should be wearing some form of respiratory protection. Fumes produced when welding iron or steel can often be blocked by wearing a simple mask. Welding fumes are typically a mixture of metallic oxides, silicates and fluorides, which is not ideal for your lungs, that is why wearing a mask is needed.

Our range of disposable masks and reusable masks are ideal for simple welding, as they can protect you from certain hazards while welding. For example, our FFP3 Elipse mask is ideal for everyday use, including DIY and commercial construction and more demanding environments, such as welding and metalwork.

All of the products in our collection will list the features and benefits, along with what classification of particulate filter they feature. We have a range of masks in our collection, including KN95/FFP2 disposable face masks, FFP3 Elipse masks, Tuff Visor and GVS Elipse nuisance odour filters.

The disposable masks and reusable masks we have in our collection are made from durable and high-quality material, and as you can see, are affordable, reliable and sturdy.

AIP Welding has many years of experience in professional welding, which gives our team the knowledge we need to provide you with durable, reliable and high-quality tools. If you have any questions about our collection of clothing and gloves, you can contact a member of our team today. We will help you find the right disposable masks and reusable masks that suit your needs and that fits in with your budget, as well as help to keep your employees safe.

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