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Our safety equipment is designed to keep you safe while welding. We have collected some of the highest quality brands in the industry to ensure that you will stay protected and safe while working. Wearing the correct safety equipment, including clothing and gloves, is critical while welding, as you want to minimise injuries and risk.

While welding, wearing appropriate safety clothing will protect welders from hot metal, sparks, UV radiation, and even open flames. We have different types of clothing in our collection, including aprons with buckle and ties, leather sleeves, leather welder’s jacket and flame retardant overalls.

Welding gloves are classed as a PPE, as they are personal protective equipment that can protect your hands from certain hazards involved while welding. High-quality welding gloves will protect you from extreme heat, electrical shocks, and ultraviolet and infrared radiation. In addition, a reliable pair of gloves will provide abrasion resistance and enhanced grip, which is ideal for work that requires precision. We have a range of gloves in our collection, including MIG gloves, TIG gloves and Grippy gloves.

AIP Welding has many years of experience in professional welding, which gives our team the knowledge we need to provide you with durable, reliable and high-quality tools. If you have any questions about our collection of clothing and gloves, you can contact a member of our team today. We will help you find the right safety equipment that suits your needs, fits in with your budget and keeps your employees safe.

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