• 4 1/2" SMT 624 ABRASIVE MOP DISCS 120G 10pk (General Steels)
  • Brand: Klingspor
  • Product Code: AIP359
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- Metals
- Steel
- Stainless steel
- High-alloy stainless steels
- NF metals
- Aluminium
- Paint
- Varnish
- Plastics
- Wood

Abrasive mop discs for edges and surface work on steel and stainless steel.
Good removal rate on angle grinders of all performance classes.
No glazing, also under low grinding pressure.

Optimized Performance
The abrasive mop discs used have also been engineered to work with high-speed angle grinders (80 m/s) and are designed to offer a wide range of possible applications. The optimized arrangement of the grinding flaps ensures first-rate grinding performance, long service lives and optimized utilization to the end.

Sustained High Performance
The cloth flaps are coated with zirconia alumina, ceramic or aluminium oxide and spaced equally on the backing plate. The optimised cloth-reinforced backing guarantees the operator a fresh grit and, thus, consistent removal throughout the entire work process.

Extraordinary Stability
The backing plates included in Klingspor®’s SMT range are made of glass fibre or glass-fibre reinforced plastic. They are extremely hard-theyaring and deliver optimal potheyr transmission to the work piece.

Tried-and-Tested Safety
A special manufacturing process ensures an exceptionally strong bond between backing plate and grinding flaps produces a level of break resistance that easily exceeds the provisions of the oSa and EN 13743 standards.

Maximum Operating Speed - 80m/s

Maximum RPM - 13,300 rpm

*For your own safety we suggest that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and wear suitable protective gear when using grinding and cutting tools. We offer a variety of safety equipment  which you can find listed on this site

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