A46TZ Special S/S 115x1.6x22mm Cutting Disc

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- Steel

- Stainless steel

- Construction steel

- NF metals

- Cast materials

- Stone

- Plastics

- Mineral-based materials

- Solid materials

- Pipes

- Flat iron

- Tins

High-Grade Raw Materials

The bond is perfectly matched to the grit type used and guarantees a greater level of aggressiveness as well as a longer service life.

Enhanced Performance

The synthetically produced grit ensures the consistently high performance of Klingspor®’s Kronenflex® products. Available in three different quality classes, they are exceptionally well suited for all types of applications.

Proven Safety

Klingspor®’s cutting-off wheels have been tested according to the guidelines of the oSa directives and are guaranteed to comply with European safety standard EN 12413.

Maximum Operating Speed - 80 m/s

Maximum RPM - 13,300 rpm

*For your own safety we suggest that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and wear suitable protective gear when using grinding and cutting tools. We offer a variety of safety equipment  which you can find listed on this site

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