Elettro CF Plasma 56 Compressor Inverter
  • Elettro CF Plasma 56 Compressor Inverter
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The three-phase power source with inverter technology for metal plasma cutting PLASMA 56 COMPRESSOR INVERTER includes a built-in air compressor and is characterized by user-friendliness, compact design and cutting high-efficiency on small and medium thicknesses. It is particularly suitable for on-site jobs and external maintenance.

The recommended cutting thickness on steel is from 13 mm to 20 mm depending on speed. The separation thickness is 25 mm.

The lack of High-Frequency start makes it possible to work next to computers, medical equipment, instruments and any other electronic devices sensitive to high frequency emissions.
It can be connected to motor-driven generators of adequate power.

• Pilot Arc to cut painted or coated metals.
• Post-gas function.
• Safety systems on the torch.
• The built-in air compressor (maintenance free self-lubricating double piston) assuring the operator total work independence and ease of use, since it does not require air adjustment.
• Ultra Cut Capacity technology to improve the cutting capacities on high thicknesses.
• Innovative Thin Cut technology that allows to obtain cuts of superior quality and reduced kerf (amount of removed material).
• Hyper Speed Cut technology enhancing the cutting speed.
• Multi Piercing technology: possibility of piercing on high thickness in a shorter time and with less wear of consumables.
• Extra Life technology and Low Pilot Arc technology that increases performances and duration of consumables.
• Microprocessor-controlled cutting parameters and functions.
• Safety systems on the torch.
• Its standard equipment includes a 4 meter-long hand torch and a grounding cable, both with direct connection.

Dimensions (WxLxH) 270 x 440 x 570 mm
Machine Technical Specifications
Cutting Range (mm) Steel: Max Clean Cut - 20mm Max Severance Cut - 25mm
Voltage 400v 50-60Hz
Weight 25kg

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