• 230V Grinder and Disc Offer

230V Grinder and Disc Offer

  • Product Code: AIP810
  • £120.00

  • Ex Tax: £100.00

Ergonomic 700 W compact angle grinder for light-duty sanding and cutting.

  • Perfect ergonomics thanks to lateral slide switch and small grip dimension.
  • Fatigue-free working thanks to low weight.
  • Solid metal gearbox head can be turned in 90° steps for maximum robustness and service life and very good access to difficult-to-reach spots.
  • Enhanced safety through integrated restart protection.


50 x KLINGSPOR A 46 VZ Duplex – one for both Effective cutting and safe deburring with one disc.

The new KLINGSPOR A 46 VZ Duplex super-thin cutting and grinding disc combines effective cutting and safe grinding in one disc.

With the A 46 VZ Duplex KLINGSPOR sets new standards in terms of economy and performance; not only are set-up times reduced but outstanding cutting times are also achieved.

Due to its width of just 2mm the A 46 VZ Duplex cuts efficiently with a thin cut and minimum burr formation. Thanks to an innovative manufacturing process, in spite of its narrow width, it far exceeds the lateral stress specifications of 290 N required by standards for grinding discs, and thus ensures trouble-free deburring and chamfering without tool change, in addition to efficient cutting.

The disc is characterised by minimum sparking and minimum odor nuisance. In addition it is free of sulfur, iron and chlorine and thus offers ideal prerequisites for machining a variety of demanding grades of steel and stainless steel.

It is outstandingly suited for machining thin tubes, profiles and sheet metal.

Ideal for construction, vehicle manufacturing, tank construction and wherever the user wants to dispense with changing tools and machines, but does not want to dispense with efficient cutting and safe deburring.

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