Electrode Holders

Electrode holders are commonly referred to as stinger; however, the purpose is the same. These holders are essentially a durable and reliable clamping device, which safely secures and holds an electrode in place.

One main benefit of our electrode holders is that they allow for quick and easy exchange between one electrode and the next. This quick switch can speed up your production and save time. Another benefit of our range of electrode holders is that they are affordable. As you can see from our range, each one is competitively priced; however, the same high-quality remains.

These lightweight and effective electrode holders can provide that extra piece of insulation you need. Secure your component parts today, and work safely in your workshop.

At AIP Welding, we strive to achieve an unbeatable service, along with competitive prices and full warranty guarantees. Our promises extend to our range of electrode holders, as we offer a range of trusted brands for you to try.

You can browse through our range of electrode holders today to see which one meets your requirements. If you require further information or assistance with your purchasing decision, you can contact a member of the AIP Welding team today. We are more than happy to help you find the product that meets your needs and stays within your budget.

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