Ordering cups to fit your existing torch is important to guarantee that you get the correct products to get your set-up running properly, Please see below descriptions of torch choices and match your Furick order accordingly.

WP17, WP18 & WP26 Torches

The WP17/26 torch is usually supplied with all air cooled welding machines and is a bulkier torch but can handle more amps than a WP9 torch.

The WP18 size torch is a water cooled WP17, You can easily identify you have one of the listed torches by the size of the standard collet body setup that comes with the torch, its overall length is 47mm plus the length of the standard Cups that come with the torch.

You will need a WP17 kit to run our cups, Which shrinks your torch consumables down to a lighter more manoeuvrable/ user friendly torch setup.

WP9 & WP20 Torches

The WP9 set up's are usually purchased as an upgrade or a recommendation by ourselves once we know your desired application needs.

The WP20 comes as standard with water cooled machines under 300 amps. They are a lighter, more manoeuvrable and widely used for light fabrications and in the automotive/Hygienic industries .

The collet bodies and cups are about 24 mm in length. With this torch you will need a 45V44 gas lens to run most of our cups.

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