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Supporting the needs of professional and amateur welders alike, AIP Welding is proud to bring an extensive range of Sanding Discs to our customers. We understand the rigours and demanding environments that these simple items need to perform at. Quality is one of the key factors which dictates the professionalism of every job and the right abrasive sanding disc can make a significant difference here. We design and manufacture each of our products using the finest materials and a dedication to exceptional customer service.

Browse through our online store to find a range of different sanding discs for every professional environment. We have CS 562, 565 and 520 options, suitable for use on general steels, stainless steels and aluminium to meet your needs. In addition, we also stock FS 964 ACT discs, suitable for use on general steels. To fit within your budget, our sanding discs come in multi-packs of 25, minimising downtime for any project and ensuring you always have the tools on hand to finish. They can be used to eliminate waste materials including weld spatter, burrs and rough edges caused by cutting.

AIP Welding is a team of hardworking and dedicated welders who bring a wealth of knowledge to every single day. This allows us to confidently bring you the right product for every welding requirement, both large and small. If you have any questions about our collection of Sanding Discs, get in contact today. We'll ensure you find the right product for your needs and help stick to any budget too.

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