SMT Mop Disc

An alternative or addition to grinding discs, our online range of SMT Mop Discs helps create a more consistent surface finish. They have a unique design that works alongside water to provide lower vibrations and a constant high-grinding performance while minimising the need for additional smoothing once a cut has been completed. Our online range has been designed to bring you the most reliable products, combined with budget-friendly prices and a range of sizes that fit the needs of professionals and amateurs alike.

Manufactured by a brand used worldwide, these high-quality mop discs can be used on a range of general steels. This improves their versatility, expands the scope of your job opportunities and makes them a vital addition to your working tool kit. We currently stock SMT 324 and SMT 624 abrasive mop discs, provided in packs of 10. When it comes to dealing with large scale and expansive jobs, this minimises downtime and creates a smooth and consistent work process that allows you to complete any job to the highest quality. As with all the products available in our online store, we work passionately to reduce individual costs and fit your budget, no matter how restricted. This guarantees that every welder can have the products they need the most on hand and ready for the next project.

AIP Welding is a team of experienced and friendly welders. If you have any questions about our SMT Mop Discs or any of the other items in our online store, contact us today.

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