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The GYSMATIC 5/13 AIR TRUE COLOR XXL is a welding mask with a ventilated respiratory protection system. 2 in 1, it protects the user's eyes from IR/UV and the user's respiratory system during welding operations.

The XXL screen provides an optimal field of view.

• True Color technology ensures incredible color fidelity during welding.

• The 7 available colours (5 > 13) can be adapted to all welding operations.

It offers the possibility of TIG welding from 2 A.

• The 4 solar sensors guarantee a very high sensitivity and an ultra fast reaction time (0.1 ms).

• 3 air flow adjustable as required (from 170 l/min to 230 l/min).

• The lithium battery allows up to 12 hours of use.

• The rated TH2PRSL filter retains 99.996% of welding particles.

• Standards EN 166 / EN 175 / EN 379 / EN 12941.

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