Propane is a flammable hydrocarbon gas and is present in natural gas. This gas is normally compressed and stored as a liquid and is used for different purposes. Propane can be used for off-grid domestic LPG central heating, BBQs, caravans and more. You can also use propane for mild steel cutting applications.

Our propane cutting collection features essential propane accessories that you can use in conjunction with your propane cutting process. Our collection features propane cutting accessories such as lightweight welding nozzle, nozzle tip cleaning set, pepper pot insert, stainless steel bent heating neck and two-piece cutting nozzle, to name a few.

We also stock a Kemper blowtorch and cartridge, which is ideal for small plumbing and metal repairs, along with paint stripping, light BBQ and kitchen use. The versatile design makes it ideal, and it can produce a high-quality flame to get the job done.

You can browse through our collection of propane cutting today to see which one fits your needs. If you require further information or assistance with your purchasing decision, you can contact a member of the AIP Welding team today. We can help you find the right item that meets your requirements while considering your budget and project.

Check out our full range below of propane cutting products.

Lightweight Welding Nozzle
Product Code: AIP262

£3.90 inc. VAT
£3.25 Ex. VAT

Model 'O' Tips
Product Code: AIP267

£4.20 inc. VAT
£3.50 Ex. VAT

Nozzle Tip Cleaning Set
Product Code: AIP324

£2.40 inc. VAT
£2.00 Ex. VAT

Pepper Pot Insert
Product Code: AIP273

£4.20 inc. VAT
£3.50 Ex. VAT

£9.60 inc. VAT
£8.00 Ex. VAT

Propane Heating Nozzle
Product Code: AIP031

£8.70 inc. VAT
£7.25 Ex. VAT

£15.00 inc. VAT
£12.50 Ex. VAT

£3.78 inc. VAT
£3.15 Ex. VAT

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