No workshop is complete without a reliable, durable and sturdy hose or essential hose parts. We have a collection of hoses that you will find useful, along with durable and effective hose parts you need to have on hand.

We have a range of hoses for you to choose from, including our durable, fully fitted acetylene hose, our fully fitted oxygen hose and our fully fitted propane hose, all of which have been tested to meet industry standards. Our range also includes an array of essential hose parts that will come in useful, for example, the double hose clamp, our flashback arrestor with auto reset and our flashback arrestor, which are re-settable.

The flashback arrestors will offer complete protection for both you as the operator and the equipment you are using. All our equipment is manufactured to the highest standard in safety and protection.

Browse through our collection of hoses and parts today to see which one fits your requirements. If you require further information or assistance with your purchasing decision, you can contact a member of the AIP Welding team. We can help you find the right product based on your requirements while staying within your budget. You can contact us today to book your appointment on 01278 444474.

Check out our full range hoses and parts below.

Flashback Arrestor (Auto Reset)
Product Code: AIP321

£25.68 inc. VAT
£21.40 Ex. VAT

Flashback Arrestor (Re-settable)
Product Code: AIP322

£60.00 inc. VAT
£50.00 Ex. VAT

Fully Fitted Acetylene Hose
Product Code: AIP013

£15.00 inc. VAT
£12.50 Ex. VAT

Fully Fitted Oxygen Hose
Product Code: AIP026

£18.00 inc. VAT
£15.00 Ex. VAT

Fully Fitted Propane Hose
Product Code: AIP030

£21.00 inc. VAT
£17.50 Ex. VAT

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