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Package Includes: Power Source, Standard 2 Roll Feed System, Trolley

Optional: 4 Roll Feed System, Water Cooler

Imagery includes Optional extras.

Option for 2 Hours Free Training Package:

With this purchase you are entitled to 2 hours of free training at our HQ in Bridgwater, Somerset so that we can show you how to get the most from your new purchase. To book, please select yes to the training, once you've made your purchase please call us using your invoice number as the booking reference. Only valid up to 6 months after purchase. 

- Advanced inverter technology power source for superior arc performance

- High power at 100% of duty cycle

- Heavy duty and enviromental conditions, high service life

- CAN fieldbus digital communication protocol system (very high speed and high reliability digital communication)

- High temperature, shockproof, abrasion resistant plastic case

- Air flow ducting and fully encapsulated PC board to avoid dust contamination

- Linear controlled fan on demand

- Built-in wire feeder unit (2 rolls drive)

- Wire drive unit fully designed by voestalpine Böhler Welding

- Ø 200/300 mm wire spool compatible

- Full digital and user-friendly control panel

- Welding parameters digital display

- Last job settings auto-storage at switch-off

- Lock-unlock function key protected by password

- Ideal for stick welding with multiple types of popular electrodes

- Built-in adjustable arc control features (hot start, arc force, antisticking)

- 2/4 step operating mode

- Arc dynamic adjustment

- Perfect arc ignition (soft start - motor slope)

- Burn-back and droplet detachment correction

- Synergic operations from databank (14 pre-set programs)

- Wire speed (0,5-22,0 m/min) (Terra 320 SMC CLASSIC)

- Wire speed (0,5-22,0 m/min), amperage and piece thickness adjustment (Terra 320 SMC SMART)

- Spot welding mode

- Intermittent welding mode

- Push-pull torch device

- Remote control compatible

- WU cooling unit compatible

- Controlled cooling operations

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