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The premium welding machines of the URANOS NX series are equipped with numerous technical features. Böhler Welding CO-BROTM offers ready to use solutions for MIG/MAG and TIG solutions using inverters of the URANOS NX product line.

URANOS NX Welding Machines inspire welders, by the demand-based usage of pre-set welding parameters depending on the requirements whilst guaranteeing reproducible and excellent welding results – and thus lasting connections.

What distinguishes URANOS NX welding machines:

Excellent wire feeding properties due to innovative wire feed concept

Connection to automation systems and robot systems possible

Digital display for easy process selection

Cutting edge digital inverter technology

Cost-saving energy efficiency (even in demanding continuous operation)

Urcap software


2 control box start/emergency


Welding torch


Clamping accessories

  • Overhanging arm
  • Isolation Flange

Böhler Arc processes




2-days Training


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Bohler Uranos NX 2700 AC/DC
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£5,076.00inc. VAT £4,230.00Ex. VAT

Bohler Uranos NX 3200 AC/DC
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£5,904.00inc. VAT £4,920.00Ex. VAT

Bohler CO-BRO MIG Package
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