The SifWeld equipment range meets the most demanding needs of professional applications in a variety of welding environments. Because welding applications vary, we have developed the range to include power sources that can meet various needs and requirements including higher energy efficiency to keep running costs lower compared to traditional equipment.

Designed for welders with an eye for detail, SifWeld MIG/TIG/MMA equipment as well as SifWeld AC and DC inverters keep technology on the inside and simple, easy to use control and performance on the outside, offering reliable solutions to keep you welding at your best.

The SifWeld MTS200 is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate, with simple menu control to select MIG, MMA or TIG modes. The smooth DC output is ideal for MIG welding of steel, stainless steel, aluminium & copper alloys. The MTS250 control system allows infinitely variable welding voltage and wire feed speed, burnback control & wire inching in MIG mode.

The SifWeld MTS300 and MTS400 are multi-process CC/CV power sources, representing the most efficient and robust modular machine technology on the market. Combined with SifWeld wire feed units they create a welding system configuration optimised for production welding and high-quality workshop use or demanding pipe and vessel welding on shipyards, platforms and heavy construction sites.

The range of MTS power sources are superbly supported by two portable and lightweight professional microprocessor-controlled inverter power-sources for AC TIG, DC TIG & MMA applications. Built-in fast switching IGBT technology helps to combine high efficiency with a responsive user interface. 

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