ARC Earth Clamps

Typically, Earth clamps are effective in bonding copper conductors to steel surfaces. The clamp is fixed by drilling a hole into the steelwork and then securing this with a screw. There are many ARC Earth clamps available at your disposal, right here on our online store. Essentially, Earth clamps are utilised to secure two parts together safely and can improve production time.

We currently have three categories of ARC Earth clamps: crocodile Earth clamps, magnetic Earth clamps and screw-type Earth Clamps. All our Earth clamps are made from high-quality, reliable and long-lasting material.

As you can see from each category, each Earth clamp is competitively priced, as we aim to achieve our customers' expectations and needs. We have unbeatable customer service and work with a range of trusted brands, which you can find in each category.

Browse through our extensive range of ARC earth clamps today and see which one fits your needs. If you require further information or assistance with your purchasing decision, you can contact a member of our experienced AIP Welding team today. We can assist you in your decision making and help you find the item that meets your requirements while sticking with your budget.

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