Siegmund Welding Tables

You can now have everything you need when welding in one place with our compact and strong Siegmund welding tables. These welding tables are the most durable and flexible clamping and welding tables available on the market today. These multi-functional tables can be adapted to your needs and can be used in several different industries that involve metal fabrication.

Our Siegmund tables give you a stable and secure place to work. It is also ideal for prototyping, large scale production or even batch production. So whether you are working independently on in a large business, these welding tables are the ideal work station for you.

All of your tools can be stored within or under these welding tables, which is ideal if you have limited space in your workshop. There are also plenty of clamping options available with our tables as they have a large number of boreholes for you to use.

Each one of our Siegmund welding tables is built to last and will provide your workspace with ample storage. They are the perfect height to work at and have an average load capacity of 1000kg. Every workshop needs a Siegmund welding table, so find the one that suits your needs today and you too can benefit from the advantages of having a welding table.

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