At AIP welding we offer premium quality products at affordable prices. One of our premium quality products includes our selection of high-quality clamps.

As you might know, a clamp is a durable fastening device that can be utilised to secure objects firmly together to restrict movement as well as separation through pressure. In our extensive collection, we have a number of different types of clamps, with different purposes.

Some of our clamps are used in a temporary capacity while others are considered to be permanent.

In our current collection, we have 4-in-1 clamps, a MagSpring clamp, a Ratchet action utility clap and a shark clamp. Some clamps include sliding arm clamp, extended block and V-Pad, while others have a pivoting, hinged arm to provide a wide opening.

Each clamp has a different purpose, so browse through our collection to see which clamp suits your needs.

We don’t compromise on quality and will only bring you the very best price that is better than anywhere else. If you are unsure about any product listed or you require any more information, contact a member of our dedicated team today.

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