Chemicals & Lubricants

In welding, chemicals and lubricants are a must-have item if you want to reduce friction and wear. Certain products in this category can also prevent sticky wire feeders, minimise wear and breakage. We also have products in our chemical and lubricant range that will prevent corrosion and protect the equipment you are using.

For example, we have non-flammable weld anti-spatter spray, which prevents spatter adhesion to welding equipment, jigs, surfaces and surrounding areas. This spray is careful not to interfere with your welding operations. We also have products such as acrylic paint marker pens, which are fast drying and can be used for metalwork, fabrication, steel stock identification and more.

Our collection of chemicals and lubricants include products from Ambersil, which has a thorough and stringent quality control testing process to ensure that your product produces the right results. Their products revolve around reliability, performance and trust, which is why we know the products we supply we do the job right.

You can browse through our extensive range of chemicals and lubricants today and see which products suit your specific needs. We are more than happy to help if you require further guidance or advice about the type of product you need for your welding work. You can contact our team at AIP Welding, and we will happily answer your related questions.

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