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Our business specialises in Welding machines, consumables, PPE clothing, equipment and training/tutoring.


We are able to provide help and offer equipment, whether its for general hobby welding over the weekend or specialist procedures that require complete paper trails of test/material certificates for graded fabrication work such as structural, food, chemical and the motor industry.


Providing our customers with quality equipment for every process of the welding industry, from MIG, TIG, MMA, PLASMA, GAS, to all the procedures involved - preparation tools and techniques, pipework purging systems, material grades and certs, distortion control, Pre & Post Weld Preparation. 


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Alex Buckley

Had a 2 hour lesson with Kim, great teacher and wh..


Keith Patterson

Amazing company, The guys there are very helpful a..


Andrew Garnham

Brilliant service! Always helpful!!..


Luke James

Kim is very helpful, Had some aluminium intercoole..


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